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Sample Texts Evaluation

This article is for KI teachers to practice evaluating samples of written texts using the scales of learning development for English as a Second Langue (ESL) competency 3. If you are not familiar with KI ESL program, we suggest you first have a look at the ESL curriculum page. To properly evaluate your students’ progress, you must understand the scales, especially because as students progress from one level to another, the scales overlap in subtle ways. Here is your chance to practice using them!

  1. Read the sample;
  2. Review the section Using the ESL competency scale to support learning found in the ESL program of study, watch the video on How to read a scale? and use the Competency 3 (Writes Texts) Scales;
  3. Evaluate the written texts using the descriptions for each of the 12 levels found in the Competency 3 (Writes Texts) Scales;
  4. Submit your answer;
  5. Read the automatic feedback provided.

Using the ESL competency scales

How to read a scale?

Competency (writes texts) 3 scales

Text #1

Text #2

Text #3

Text #4

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