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Physical Education and Health

Welcome to the Kativik Ilisarniliriniq Physical Education and Health curriculum. In addition to providing an overview of curriculum and assessment, this page allows you to access all the available resources to teach Physical Education and Health in Nunavik. Maxime Lalande’s videos, an experienced Nunavik teacher, will guide you through this information page.

1. Curriculum Overview

In this section, you will find:

Teaching Guide

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Curriculum Documents

To read complete information about the Physical Education & Health curriculum, download the documents below and keep them accessible throughout the school year.




Competency 1

Performs movement skills in different activity settings (individual sports).

Competency 2

Interacts with others in different physical activity settings (team sports).

Competency 3

Adopts a healthy, active lifestyle (day-to-day lives).

Progression of Learning Documents

To access the Progression of Learning, please download the documents below for each section.




2. Assessment

You will have to report 3 times in the year about students progress in Physical Education & Health. Please download this presentation on Evaluation and refer to your Teaching Guide and your DASH workshop for more details and examples.

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3. Materials & Resources

Many resources available to support your work as a Physical Education & Health teacher can be found on this website. Our team is constantly updating the Nunavik-IcE platform to give you access to more Inuit-centred Education resources. Please check back often to see any new content!

Explore the physical and health education resources folder on SharePoint and on the DB Server accessible in our schools.

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Lesson Plan
Physical Education and Health

Get Active Myg and Gym

A program to assess primary students motor skills and physical condition.
2.1-2.3 Physical Education and Health

Muscle Anatomy & Stretching

Learn the basic human muscular system and how to stretch each muscle group
1.0-2.3 Physical Education and Health

30 Day Exercise Challenge

Daily home exercise videos created by Nunavik Volleyball
K-6 Physical Education and Health

Elementary Inuit Games

Information posters on 8 elementary Inuit games.
1.0-2.3 Physical Education and Health

Secondary Inuit Games

Videos and information posters on 11 secondary Inuit games.

4. Special Programs

Sky is the limit to get involved with your school and your community. Here are some programs that are currently in place in Nunavik. We encourage you to be proactive and involved! You can also visit the list of useful links for more programs.

Extracurricular Activities

We encourage you to contribute to extracurricular activities and there are many ways for you to do it:

  • Help with the school gym schedule.
  • Help organize a Terry Fox Walk/Run at your school!
  • Organize an Inuit Game event and invite all the students for the finals.
  • These are all nice ways to create relationships inside of your school and community!

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Existing Programs

Teacher Training Program – Kativik Ilisarniliriniq

You might have an Inuit teacher working with you. Please make sure to include him/her as much as possible in your class planning (example: Inuktitut communication for Primary students).

Réseau des Sports Étudiants du Québec (RSEQ)

Potential projects with the RSEQ Côte-Nord for 2020-2021: Cross-Country, Volleyball and Hockey for coaching opportunities! 

Jeunes Karibus/Nurrait – Outdoor activities

The Nurrait or Jeunes Karibus is a non-profit organization established in Nunavik. This is a great opportunity to develop relationships with your students outside of the school environment.

Professional Associations

Inuit Games

Nunavik Organizations

Curriculum and Teaching

Financing Organizations

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