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Primary Inuktitut

The primary Inuktitut information page will prepare primary first language teachers for the various topics they have to teach, including Inuktitut language, sciences, social studies and mathematics.

1. Curriculum

Download the primary Inuktitut curriculum document here.

2. Kindergarten Teachers

Please review this presentation on the Kindergarten Program.

3. Grade 1-6 Teachers


The Inuktitut folder contains resources for K-6 students. Books are also available here.


Teacher Guides and resources are available in the Inuktitut Sciences folder.

Culture & Social Studies

Find resources in the culture and in the land survival folders, as well as in the social studies folder of each level.


JUMP Math is the program used by Kativik Ilisarniliriniq from K-6. Please refer to the primary Math orientation for more information.

4. Sample K-2 Schedules

You will be required to plan your class schedule. Here are 2 samples to help you start. You can also download a blank schedule to work on.

5. Sample Lesson Plans

Here are some samples of how to plan your lessons.

English Sample Lesson
Inuktitut Sample Lesson

6. Ordering Inuktitut Materials

  1. Find your materials in the Curriculum Catalogue
  2. Read How to Order Instructions
  3. Send your orders printing@kativik.qc.ca
  • Please contact matthew.smith@kativik.qc.ca for any inquires regarding Print Requests and Curriculum Orders.
  • Don’t forget that these resources are also available in digital format on your school computers using DB server.

For questions or comments, contact us.

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