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Introduction to the World of Work (PWT)

50 hours per year – 2 periods per week (PWT)

To help students develop skills that will be useful to them in the world of work, the classroom should take the form of a work-space where some of the characteristics and demands of the world of work are reproduced. In this work-class, students are encouraged to behave as if they were workers and to experience tasks related to different trades, in a learning context simulating real work environments in two or three areas of activity. In order to promote the transfer of learning, the content of the workshops must be determined taking into account the possibilities of reinvestment during the internships.

The Intro to the World of Work class enables students to learn about the characteristics and obligations of the working world from the context of the school. The goal is to begin developing the skills they will need as workers.

This program also allows students to identify their interests and skills, which will help them choose the internships that will suit their needs.

In this class, students should:

  • explore different professions by reading, meeting people or by doing a work exploration
  • visit the different workplace available in the community
  • have an introduction to entrepreneurship (ex. CCD).

* Remember that you can combine different teachings and subjects. For example, a student explaining the requirements of a work situation to another can target both World of work orientation and ESL learning targets.

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