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Science and Technology (PWT)

25 hours per year – 1 period per week

The Technological and Scientific Experimentation program covers a range of situations that enable students to find answers to questions about their everyday environment; to create, understand and handle technological tools; and to understand how certain scientific discoveries or technological innovations have helped improve living conditions at home, at school and in the workplace.

Science classes can be adapted to reflect every day’s situation a student can face or it can be used to provide different relevant trainings to the student;

  • Understand properties of commercial products (detergents, pesticides, paints, solvents, aerosols, metals, oil) 
    • A goal could be for your student to get the SIMDUT or a first aid certification.
    • The senses, risks on health (safety glasses, ear protection, etc.)
  • Understand some risks related to food and how to prevent them (allergies, cross-contamination, preservation of food, hygiene rules)
  • Identify WHMIS symbols
  • Learn how to efficiently use a computer.
  • Learning about air quality, pollution, smoking.
  • Learning about engines and mechanic.

* Remember that you can combine different teachings and subjects. For example, writing a cover letter using a computer can target Science, Preparation for the job market and ESL learning targets.

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