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Mathematics (PWT)

100 hours per year – 4 periods per week

Pre-work courses are adapted to the student’s need with the focus to develop their employability and practical applications.  

Because of the wide variety of student levels, this course requires a great amount of flexibility and differentiation. Teachers must take each student’s particular needs into account when choosing course content. The idea is not to restrict the range of the different branches of mathematics, but rather to focus on selected elements of the discipline in accordance with each student’s level of learning and, in some cases, job requirements or the possibility of going on to a program in a semiskilled trade. Teachers should also focus on concrete objects, make direct connections with practical applications and have students regularly apply their learning to other subjects in order to impress upon them the usefulness of mathematics.

Material that should be covered in this subject;

  • Developing basic mathematical functions, including fractions, decimals, & PEDMAS
  • Identifying ways of earning and calculate income, find different types of income
  • Learn how to use linear measurement; using imperial and metric units, measuring length/width/height
  • Calculating volume, capacity, temperature, time
  • Collecting data and interpreting tables and charts

* Remember that you can combine different teachings and subjects. For example, calculating a budget can target both Mathematic and Prep for job market learning targets.

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