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Creative Storytelling with PowerPoint

You might know PowerPoint as a presentation tool, but what about a storytelling tool? In this article, we suggest three activities for your students to tell theirs stories creatively using PowerPoint. In addition to gaining familiarity with this software, students experience the process of publishing of their stories in a format that is easy to share with readers and engaging.

Encourage your students to tell their stories in creative formats and share the final product for publication into Nunavik Writes!

Comic Books

Dialogue heavy stories can easily be turned into comic book strips using PowerPoint. Ask your students to take pictures or use existing ones and add dialogues and narration using shapes and text.

🛠️ Tools used: PowerPoint’s Pictures and Shapes tools.

📚 Curricular links: Storytelling, dialogues, cartoon, media arts, planning and organizing ideas

📈 Level of difficulty: Beginner

‘Choose Your Own Path’ Stories

‘Choose your own path’ stories ask the reader to make choices, which influence the unfolding of events. It is a creative writing style, that can be done collaboratively and that encourages students to consider multiple perspectives. Using the linked pages of PowerPoint, you can make these stories really interactive!

🛠️ Tools used: PowerPoint’s photo editor, text tool and hyperlinks

📚 Curricular links: Narrative structure, Storytelling, Endings, Critical Thinking, planning and organizing ideas

📈 Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Read Along Book

Read along books combine oral and written storytelling and are ideal for younger students to learn to read. Ask your students to create read-along books and to share them with younger groups to foster school-wide collaboration.

🛠️ Tools used: PowerPoint’s photo editor, text tool and audio recording

📚 Curricular links: Storytelling, illustration, reading, intonation and pronunciation, publishing, sharing with intended audience

📈 Level of difficulty: Advanced

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