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Rubber Egg

In this experiment, you will make a rubbery egg you can see through!

What you need:

  • Raw egg
  • Cup
  • Vinegar
  • Sink
  • Spoon

What you do:

1. Place the egg into the cup and cover with vinegar.

2. After a few hours, look in on the egg. Notice foamy bubbles on the eggshell.

3. After two days, carefully remove the egg and rinse with water.

Explore: What does the egg feel like? What happened to the shell? Is the egg hard or soft? What colour is the egg?

Let’s Talk Science!

Vinegar is an acid. The bubbles that you see are vinegar breaking down the shell into carbon dioxide. However, the membrane underneath the shell does not dissolve. It becomes rubbery instead.1

Challenge 1

What do you think would happen if you added a few drops of food colouring into the cup with the egg?

Challenge 2

What do you think would happen if you used a hard boiled instead of a raw egg? Have an adult boil and egg for you and try the experiment again!


  1. Vivian Fernandez (1998). Eggs-Cellent Science. Pace Products, Inc., p.10

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