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Lesson Plan

Arctic Cod


In this activity students work together to describe the natural history of Arctic cod and discuss the importance of this species to sea ice ecosystems and the importance of sea ice to the survival of this species.

They are an important species in the Arctic food web: they are one of the main links between the lower level species they eat and the higher level predators that eat them

1. Arctic Cod

First, teach students about the importance of the Arctic Cod in the food web and give them some background knowledge on the specie.

2. Research

Students then further their knowledge of the Arctic Cod by conducting a research, creating a presentation and sharing with the group.

3. Discussion

A series of questions allow them to reflect on what they have learned, to make connections with other areas of knowledge and their community.


  • This lesson can be used as a model for a research project on other species.
  • Prior to doing the Arctic Food Webs lesson, students can research different species and share the information during the lesson.


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