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Lesson Plan

Sea Ice Investigators


In this lesson developed by the Arctic Eider Society, students learn to recognize and name different sea ice structures and phenomenons through a game.

1. Discussion

First, teacher and students discuss what they know about sea ice and its importance for Inuit. It is a good time to invite a knowledge holder or to go on the land.

2. Vocabulary

Using resources* such as the sea ice vocabulary list, videos and the SIKU app, students learn vocabulary to describe different sea ice structures and phenomenons.

3. Game

The card game is a fun way for students to consolidate their learning about sea ice using the clue cards and the questions in the student booklet.

* The resources in this lesson have been developed for Nunavut. The Nunavik Inuktitut terminology is different. See the Nunavik Sea Ice Vocabulary resource.


  • Sea Ice Vocabulary (Nunavik)
  • Clue cards (Nunavik)
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