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Lesson Plan

Arctic Char Anatomy

At the end of this activity, children will know Inuktitut words to describe some parts of the Arctic Char and be able to identify them as they take part in the preparation of the fish.

  1. Before you start preparing the Arctic Char with your child, observe this anatomical drawing. Using your own knowledge and this resource, teach your child the Inuktitut words that describe fish anatomy.

    Depending on the age or your child, you can choose parts that are easier to recognize, such as the gills and the fins, or more difficult such as the hearth and the brain.
  1. Using a marker, trace a grid on a piece of cardboard. Ask your child to name the Inuktitut words that describe the anatomy of the Arctic Char he or she knows. Ask him or her to write these down on the cardboard and provide help if needed.
  1. As you prepare the fish, ask your child to identify and name in Inuktitut the different parts of the Arctic Char that were just learned. These parts can be placed in the corresponding space on the cardboard. Take a picture and use it later to review the vocabulary!

To take this lesson further:

  • Try to find the otolith (ear bones) to determine the age of the fish.
  • Open the stomach. You might see what the fish ate.
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