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Aim for the Stars

This game is to practice any or all operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication or divisions).

  • Any number of players
  • 3 dices
  • Paper & pencil

1. Each player draws a star and numbers 1 – 10 at the corners.

2. Starting at 1, the first player rolls the three dice and tries to make a number sentence equal to 1. It can be a combination of any operation, but all three dice must be used.

3. Player 1 crosses out the number 1 on their star and now tries to make a sentence equal to 2, without re-rolling; then 3, and so on. Turn is over when a number sentence cannot be made.

  • It is now the turn for Player 2 who tries for #1.
  • The first player to cross out all the numbers in order is the winner.
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