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Sequences of Consonants

Rule #3

No more than two consonants can appear in a row.

Most consonants can be doubled:

pp tt kk gg mm nn ll vv rr ngng

Only some combinations of two different consonants appear spontaneously in today’s language:

ts tj rp rt rm rn rs rl rj rv rq rng

In the ancient language, many other consonant groups used to appear.


  • tk (sakku comes from satku) 
  • mn (innaq comes from imnaq)
  • pq (arquti comes from apquti)

The simplification of consonant groups doesn’t constitute a threat to the vitality of Inuktitut. Note that Kalaallisut has simplified its consonant groups (even more than Inuktitut) and remains much alive. Conversely, Inupiatun has retained its consonant groups and is dying.

Again, distinguishing between a single consonant and a group of two consonants is essential in order to differentiate between words.


  • ilu ≠ illu
  • savik ≠ savvik.
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