Did you know that sharing students’ work beyond the classroom can help increase student engagement and confidence? Publishing students’ work online can also be a wonderful way to communicate with parents and inspire fellow educators. We invite you to submit photos that showcase your students’ achievements in school and in their community. You may send photos of their art, math problems, writing, school events, science projects, trips, etc. This is a space to celebrate the great work your students and you are doing! (Note: Before submitting photos, please ensure that the student / their legal guardian(s) have submitted the required photo release).

Have you been working hard on something at school or at home? We want to see what you’ve done! Please send us photos of your art, writing, reading and math work. We’d also love to see photos of things you’re doing on the land, something you’ve built or a science experiment you’ve done. We’re proud of you!

Has your son or daughter been working hard at home or at school? Let’s celebrate their hard work and achievements! Take a picture of their school work, something they’ve build, done on the land, an instrument they’re learning to play, etc. Send us a copy of the photo and we’ll showcase it on our website.

  • Max. file size: 64 MB.

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