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Work Skills (PWT)

225 hours per year – 9 periods per week

This class aims at helping students develop specific competencies associated with one or more semiskilled trades. This program is aimed at helping students construct their identity as a worker, adopts the required behaviors and attitudes in the workplace and develop a variety of work-related skills.

For example, here are some skills that can be developed :

  • Execution skills: Uses proper tools and proper working methods, follows appropriate steps (cooking, carving, beading, etc.)
  • Planning and organizational skills: time management, respecting deadlines, making list of tasks and materials needed, etc.
  • Budgeting skills: savings, production cost, salary, fixing a price for a product, etc.
  • Communication skills: promotion, advertisement, social media and others (radio, interviews, posters)
  • Informatics skills: typing, internet research, protection of private life and private information, use of the office suite, etc.
  • Learning about appropriate attitudes and behaviors in the workplace
  • Respecting safety and hygiene rules

* Remember that you can combine different teachings and subjects. For example, cooking traditional meals can target both Work Skills and Culture learning targets.

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