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Lesson Plan

Why so cold? – Tilted Planet

In this lesson developed by the Arctic Eider Society, students investigate why seasons occur: from the orientation of the earth in relation to its orbit around the sun and what this means for arctic sea ice.

1. Earth’s Axis

With supporting lesson plans on Albedo and Latitude, students learn that the amount of solar energy that is reflected, and the amount that is absorbed by a surface, depends on the nature of the surface and the angle at which sunlight strikes it.

2. Experiment

In groups, students can visualize seasons and radiant profiles at different locations on the earth. As students perform the activity step-by-step, you can ask them to take photographs as evidence of learning for assessment purposes.

3. Discussion

To deepen student learning, a variety of application and critical thinking questions are suggested in the Student Booklet. These questions can be addressed as a group or individually, for transfer of learning or for assessment.


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