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Word Categories

Rule #9

Inuktitut words are theoretically infinite in number.

All Inuktitut words can be classified according to their grammatical properties.

A full Inuktitut word is most often a combination of chunks generated as part of the speech process and not found anywhere in the mental lexicon, much like sentences in English.

Here is a list of the major word categories in Inuktitut, with one example for each:

1. Nouns : inuit

2. Verbs: takuvunga

3. Pronouns:

  • Demonstrative pronouns : una
  • Locative pronouns tamaani
  • Personal pronouns uvagut
  • Interrogative pronouns kinakkut
  • Indefinite pronouns iluunnatik
  • Reflexive pronouns imminik

4. Particles: atii

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