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The Apps Available on your KI Computer

KI computers are packed with resources carefully selected by our team. This is an overview of the applications (apps) available on the KI teacher and student computer.

Teaching and Learning

An overview of the applications installed on the KI teacher and student computer

Smart Notebook

(Only available on teacher computers)

Smart Notebook works with your Smartboard and allows you to design, show and annotate content to be shown on the screen.


Kolibri gives you access to the Khan Academy learning resources even when you are not connected to the Internet.


Udacity is an online courses platform. Yet, a shortcut to access the website is available on your computer’s desktop.


GeoGebra Classic

GeoGebra Classis is a Math app that combines geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, statistics and calculus.

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Geometry is a GeoGebra app that only features the geometry tools. It is simpler to use than the Classic app.

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Graphic Calculator

Graphic Calculator is a GeoGebra app that only features graphing tools. It allows students to focus on these features.

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Microsoft Math Calculator

This tool, designed for education, includes a graphing calculator, unit converter, triangle solver and equation solver.

Math Input Panel

The Math input panel allows you to write math problems in the form of formulas and then insert them in other documents and presentations.

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Tynker is a website for students to learn coding through fun activities. A shortcut on the computer’s desktop will lead you to the site.



(Only available on secondary cycle 2 student computers)

Antidote is a writing assistant software that comprises a spelling and grammar corrector for French and English. It includes dictionaries, and language guides.

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WordQ supports readers and writers with word prediction, speech feedback, proofreading and more.

Multimedia Creation


GIMP is a free photo editor that allows you to edit, correct, apply effects, transform, and paint images of all formats.


Audacity is a free audio recorder and editor. It allows you to edit, adjust, blend and filter multi-track audio files.

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Windows Video Editor

This basic video editor allows you to simply reorder and cut clips, add filters and transitions and share your movies.


OpenShot is a free video editor. It allows you to edit multiple tracks of video and audio, for professional looking movies.

Paint 3D

Paint is a very basic tool to draw or paint in 2D or 3D using different brushes, shapes and tools.


Blender is a 3D software that includes modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking.

Microsoft Office


Microsoft Word is a word processor to type, edit format, and export all types of written documents.

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Microsoft PowePoint is a presentation app to create slides with text, graphics, sound, movies, hyperlinks, and other.

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Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet app that allows you to perform data sorting and analysis tasks.


Microsoft OneNote is a note taking app for typed and handwritten text as well as multimedia and web materials.



Zoom is a video-conferencing tool with screen sharing, chat, reactions, polls, and phone call-in capabilities.

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Outlook allows you to access and manage your KI email, calendar and contacts.

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(Only available on teacher computers)

Teams allows you to create a work or school community page to exchange and organize messages and files.

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Installed on your computer for technical support purposes, it allows for the remote access to your computer.

Readers and Players


OverDrive is a library manager for content you might rent online such as ebooks, podcasts or videos.

Acrobat Reader

Acrobat Reader is a PDF viewer and annotator. It can be used to fill in forms, highlight, sign, comment on documents.


VLC is an audio and video player that can be used with pretty much any file format. If a file won’t open, try opening it with VLC!

Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is your computer’s default library and player app for audio and video files.



ClipGrab is a video downloader for YouTube. Copy and paste the URL or a YouTube video to save it on your computer.

Snip and Sketch

Snip and Sketch allows you to take static screenshots and to annotate, edit and save them as images.

Audio Recorder

This audio recorder is a very simple app that allows you to record, trim and save audio files using the built-in microphone.


The camera allows you to take pictures or video recordings using the computer built-in camera.

Steps Recorder

When activated, the steps recorder automatically lists and illustrates all your actions on the computer. Ideal to make a tutorial or show a problem to our support team.

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Internet Navigation

Google Chrome


Microsoft Edge

The three following web browsers are installed on your computer. In addition to offering different user interfaces, each browser might interpret web pages slightly differently. If a page is problematic on one web browser, you might want to try it on a different one. Generally, we recommend using Google Chrome.

Cloud Storage

Microsoft OneDrive

Cloud storage attached to your KI email address.


Free cloud storage. You need to have an account.

Google Drive

Cloud storage attached to a Google account (Gmail).

These three apps offer essentially the same functions: cloud (or online) storage of your files. If you already use cloud storage for your files, you can easily access them on your new KI computer. If you don’t store your files online yet, we recommend using Microsoft OneDrive, attached to your KI email address. Click here to learn how.

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