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Preparation for the Job Market (PWT – SST)

50 hours per year – 2 periods per week (PWT)

75 hours per year – 3 periods per week (SST)

This class aims to help students get ready for their future workplace. This course is intended to enable students to make a smooth transition between school and the job market. It gives them an opportunity to prepare for the challenges involved in entering the job market and provides reference points to help them develop strategies when looking for a job and for remaining employed.

In this class, students should learn about the job market, how to enter it and how to stay safe and healthy by;

  • discover their values, their interests and what motivates them (career quizzes, personality test, etc.),
  • Learning about different professions and job characteristics (work alone/with a team, day shift/night shift, flexible schedule or fixed schedule, physical work/office work, salary, schedule, requirements, etc.)
  • Knowing where to look for information on the job market (local organization, newspaper, website, etc.)
  • Identifying and reading certain documents related to job research: employment offer, papers adds at school or NV, resume, forms, job postings etc.
  • Learning about laws and regulations related to work (safety, security, protection equipment, licences, etc.)
  • Learning about different documents related to job market: resume, cover letter, job posting, etc.

* Remember that you can combine different teachings and subjects. For example, writing a cover letter can target both Preparation for the job market and ESL learning targets.

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