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Preparation for a semi skilled trade (SST)

375 hours per year – 15 periods per week

The Preparation for a Semiskilled Trade program enables students to develop the specific competencies associated with a specific semiskilled trade.

The goal of this class is to help students construct their professional identity,
adopt behaviours and attitudes required in the workplace and take a first step in the integration into the work force.

In this class, students will have the opportunity to develop work-related competencies in actual work settings. They will also gain a better understanding of employers’ requirements and their need for competent, reliable workers.

All Semi-skilled trainings will need to be approved by KI’s department of Sanctions, Parfait Ceme (parfait.ceme@kativik.qc.ca) to confirm the training will respect the ministry’s expectation. Before setting up any work training, the teacher should collaborate with Parfait about the exact details of the training before the student starts.

Here is a list of KI List of possible Semi-skilled Trades

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