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English Second Language (PWT)

100 hours per year – 4 periods per week (PWT)

This subject is centered in the connection between the student’s needs as a worker and as a part of the community. Its goal is to develop the student’s literacy competencies that respond to the realities of diverse situations he will face.

English courses have to be adapted to the student’s needs in his future workplace and in day to day life. Students should continue their learnings and should develop the three competencies simultaneously, and to increase the chances of success and making the learnings relevant to the student, it should be done with the goal of setting the learnings in real life context.

For example, to help student :

  • develop writing ability ;
    • fill forms, take notes, write a short message, write lists,
    • write a resume, an email to a company, fill a funding application, etc.
  • develop reading ability ;
    • find important information on a poster, read safety rules, read instruction,
    • research information on internet, etc.
    • understand government forms (SIN application, health-card, birth certificate replacement etc.)
  • develop speaking ability ;
    • phone an organization or a supplier to ask for information,
    • announce an event on the school intercom or on the local radio,
    • ask questions and give information, etc.
  • develop listening ability ;
    • do task according to oral instruction,
    • understand news on tv or radio, etc.

* Remember that you can combine different teachings and subjects. For example, reading the instruction manual for a greenhouse kit can target both ESL and Science learning targets.

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