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Autonomy and Social Participation (PWT)

50 hours per year – 2 periods per week

This class objective is to make students aware of themselves and of their environment. The program promotes student’s development as a young adult and helps them know themselves better. By doing so, the students will acquire the tools and abilities they will need to be an active member in their community life, they will learn to maximize their potential and they will be aware of the resources available in their environment.

In this class, students should:

  • discover their values, their interests and what motivates them (career quizzes, personality test, etc.),
  • set themselves goals and follow the steps to achieve them,
  • participate in different activity in your community (Family house, sewing center, etc.)
  • have an introduction to entrepreneurship (ex. CCD).

More explanations and examples about the program content are available below.

* Remember that you can combine different teachings and subjects. For example, taking various career and personality quizzes can target both Autonomy and Social Participation and ESL learning targets.

You can contact your education consultant if you have more question.

You may also consider teaching the Personal and Social Development (PSD) program offered by KI on the DB server.

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