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Sharing Links with Students

If you use teaching and learning technologies in the classroom, sharing links (URLs) with students is probably something you have to do very, very often! However, without an efficient system in place, students often have to type the URLs teachers share with them, which is both time consuming and unreliable, because it’s so easy to make a typo.

In this article, we suggest a few methods to make these links available to your students more efficiently, facilitating their access to the content you want to share with them. We strongly recommend choosing one approach for your classroom or even for the whole school and making it a routine with students.

Emailing List

If all your students have an email address (with any provider), you can easily create an emailing list using Outlook and your KI email address. Once the list created, you can share URLs, information and files by email to all your students in just a few clicks.

📈 Level of difficulty: Beginner

Short URLS

Long URLs can easily be shortened for free online. This considerably reduces the amount of information students have to type in. !!! For security reasons, only shorten URLs that lead to public websites, and never towards your own files stored on the cloud !!!

📈 Level of difficulty: Beginner

Online Billboards

Setup an online billboard and make it all of your students’ web browsers homepage, or create a shortcut on their desktop. This way, they can easily access information you pin on the billboard with them, including information and links towards websites, videos, files, etc.

📈 Level of difficulty: Intermediate

QR Codes

QR codes work just like a bar code at the store, but for redirection towards a website. Easily create QR codes from the URLs you want to share and let your students scan them with their mobile devices’ camera or with their computers using an online scanner.

📈 Level of difficulty: Advanced

Google Docs

Creating a Google document where you insert the URLs to share with your students is simple if you already have a Google account. You can then share this document with all your students as visitors, make it their web browser homepage or create a link on their desktop.

📈 Level of difficulty: Intermediate

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