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KI Teachers’ Community on Teams

If you are a Kativik Ilisarniliriniq teacher, make sure to join the Community group on Teams, the central place to communicate and exchange resources with your colleagues.

What is Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a collaborative workspace where different groups can be created to share information and files. There are many advantages to using Teams, including:

  • Finding all the information and files you are looking for in the same location;
  • Reducing the amount of emails you send and receive by using the Posts wall;
  • Staying in touch with your colleagues.

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What can I do on Teams?

Chat with colleagues

Just like any social media, Teams allows you to publish messages to all members of the group on a Posts wall or to chat privately with one or many users.

Share and access Files

Files can be shared amongst users through the Posts wall, and easily retrieved using the Search tool. The Files tab is for official documents, shared by the Teams’ owners.

Stay informed

Teams’ notification settings allow you to decide which publications you want to be informed of, and how. It is the ideal way not to miss any information or event!

Watch this short video to learn more about Microsoft Teams’ essential tools.

How to join Teams?

The Microsoft Teams desktop application is preinstalled on all new KI computers to facilitate your access to the teachers’ Community team. The first time you launch Microsoft Teams, you will have to sign in using your KI account username and password.

  1. Launch Microsoft Teams by double clicking on the icon on the desktop. If it is your first time using the app, you will have to sign in.
  2. Type in your KI username (the same one you use for emails).
  3. Click on Sign in. A new window will open.
  4. Type in your password (the same one you use for emails).
  5. Click on Sign in.

Once you are logged in to Teams, you will have to join the Community team.

  1. Select the Teams tab, located on the left hand side. This shows all the teams you are part of. The list might be empty at the moment.
  2. Click on Join or create a team.
  3. In the list of available teams, or through the search tool, find Community and click on Join team.

The Community team will automatically appear in your teams’ list. This Team has a specific channel (or sub-team) for each subject area. Some of them might not be visible at first. To show the channels that are useful for you:

  1. Click on X hidden channels.
  2. Find the channel you want to see and click on Show.

Once you Show a channel, it will always be visible under the Community team.

You can now start using Teams.

  1. The left hand side menu allows you to switch between the different tools, such as the teams you are part of and the private chat.
  2. The tabs on the top menu allow you to switch between the conversations happening on the Posts wall and the Files shared by the team administrator.
  3. To write or share files on the Posts wall, use the New conversation button.

Watch this short video to learn more Microsoft Teams’ essential tools.

Finally, you might want to change the notification settings of a channel to receive alerts (or not) when activity happens.

  1. Click on the … on the right of the channel you want to edit.
  2. Select Channel notifications.
  3. Choose between notifications for all activity or for none, or make your custom settings.
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