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Lesson Plan

Workshop 1.5.2 Measuring Impact

What did we learn during our journey? How did we succeed? What challenges did we encounter?

Students will create a group and individual final story about the entire project experience, using data to measure impact, footage and notes that they have collected in previous activities, and their personal achievements. Students can decide how they want to present this based on an individual basis oas a group for the final event showcase.


  1. Warm Up Exercise – 10 mins
  2. Project Impact– 30mins+
  3. Debrief – 10 mins

Workshop Outcomes

  • Communicates and reflects upon personal growth and ability to have an impact on their community
  • Evaluates impact of their project
  • Reflects on the value and meaning of IQ as it relates to themselves, Inuit entrepreneurship and career and
  • community development

Workshop Vocabulary

  • Measurement
  • Impact
  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative
  • Personal Achievement
  • Success
  • Challenges
  • IQ
  • Reflection

Warm Up Exercise (10 Mins)

Customize a community building warm up activity for your group needs. You can consult the following resources for ideas:
Warm Ups in Design Thinking
Partners for Youth Empowerment
Icebreakers & Teambuilders
Inuit Games

Activity: Assessing Project Impact (30mins+)

Step 1. Create groups to collect the data and analyze the impact of the project. Refer to the Evaluating Impact and Outcomes document to gather information about the impact of your project. Based on the results, students will create a media presentation for the Showcase Event. Presentations should communicate personal growth, evaluate the impact of the project and reflect on the value and meaning of IQ as it relates to Inuit entrepreneurship and career and community development.

Step 2. Students complete a personal reflection about their personal work and achievements in CCD. Guidelines will be set by the teacher based on the unique needs of individuals and the group. There is a three step reflective framework guideline in the resource pack.

Debrief and Reflection (10 mins)

  1. What? Describe the project and its goals.
  2. So What? Describe one personal critical skill and how it was achieved, the impact of the project on the community, your personal contribution and participation, details about the group community that made the project successful?
  3. Now what? What will happen to the project after the school year is over?

Other Resources

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