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Lesson Plan

Workshop 1.4.3 Develop a Social Media Strategy

How do we use social media to promote and educate an audience about a community project?

Students will understand and develop a social media strategy for their community project. First, students will learn about trends, platforms, building a following, best practices and creating a strategy.


  1. Warm Up Exercise – 10 mins
  2. Develop a Social Media Strategy– 30mins+
  3. Debrief – 10 mins

Workshop Vocabulary

  • Social Media
  • Reach
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram

Warm Up Exercise (10 Mins)

Customize a community building warm up activity for your group needs. You can consult the following resources for ideas:
Warm Ups in Design Thinking
Partners for Youth Empowerment
Icebreakers & Teambuilders
Inuit Games

Experiential Activity: Develop a Social Media Strategy (30mins+)

  1. Use the Social Media Workshop PPT to guide the lesson.
  2. Split the class into groups of 2-3 to think about and discuss a different type of social media.
  3. Ask the class to present their social media platform to the class. They will talk about the pros and cons
  4. and whether it is appropriate for marketing the project.
  5. As a class vote on one Social Media Platform to engage with. Make a plan and develop a strategy to use
  6. this platform to reach more people about your project activities and successes – brand awareness. Add one
  7. more platform in the coming weeks.

Debrief and Reflection (10 mins)

  1. What? What is social media?
  2. So What? How can social media help a community project? What ethical considerations are there to using this platform to spread a message?
  3. Now what? How will you run your social media campaign? What would you do?

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