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Lesson Plan

Workshop 1.3.4 Fundraising

How can we put together a compelling funding application?

Students start planning their entrepreneurial project by filling out a funding application for their projects.


  1. Warm Up Exercise – 10 mins
  2. Fundraising– 30mins+
  3. Debrief – 10 mins

Workshop Outcomes

  • Critical Thinking and Inquiry
  • Citizenship
  • Communicate the value of a product and service, in unique and effective ways, to an audience
  • Distinguishes between personal identity, cultural identity, communal identity, and organizational identities
  • Understands the different elements of a projects brand expression as related to its identity, values and motivations
  • Create a brand identity

Workshop Vocabulary

  • Brand
  • Identity
  • Logo

Warm Up Exercise (10 Mins)

Customize a community building warm up activity for your group needs. You can consult the following resources for ideas:
Warm Ups in Design Thinking
Partners for Youth Empowerment
Icebreakers & Teambuilders
Inuit Games

Experiential Activity: Fundraising (30mins+)

Put together a funding application to request the resources necessary to run the project. You can start by
creating a pitch deck, then applying for funding, and lastly fundraising activities.

Step 1. Create a Pitch Deck. Refer to the website Improve Presentation for guidelines.

A pitch deck SHOULD:

  • Contain 12 slides
  • Tell a story and engage people emotionally – Everyone loves to hear stories, so tell an exciting story about your start-up.
  • Limit each slide to talk about one idea. You want to keep your audience on the same page.
  • Prepare a great first impression. First impressions are powerful – the first 2-3 minutes are important.
  • Show the people behind your idea. Show their skills and what their will be working on.
  • Keep a consistent look in the presentation. Use the same font, size, colour and capitalization format across all slides of your deck.

A pitch deck SHOULD NOT:

  • Use too many bullet points.
  • Be too long
  • Be read word by word form a script for your pitch
  • Seem unprepared
  • Use small font
  • Be a text rich presentation – use more visuals

You can use the CCD Pitch Deck Template (powerpoint) to guide the process. There are content ideas on each slide. You can use this to create your pitch deck. Send your deck to anyone that you think can help your project. As well include this in any funding applications.

Step 2. Fill out the funding applications.

By this point in the course, students should have all of the information they need to complete a funding
application, including a pitch deck. This is an important skill for youth to develop, as it will allow them to
access funds provided by local programs such as:

  • The Qarjuit Local Youth Action Funding
  • The Ungaluk Program
  • KI Funding

Please find funding applications in the CCD Fundraising Sharepoint Folder.

You can also run a fundraiser to raise money to start your project. There are many fundraising ideas such
as bake sales, bingo, raffles. Please refer to the Fundraising Activity Suggestions resource for inspiration.

Debrief and Reflection (10 mins)

  1. What? What is the purpose of your fundraising activity? What are you looking for money to do?
  2. So What? If you get the money how will you manage it?
  3. Now what? What will you be able to do next once you have used up all the funds you are offered? What are your next steps and Action plan?

Workshop Resources

Career and Community Development

Pitch Deck Template

A template to devise a pitch presentation for your CCD project or business.
1.2-2.3 Career and Community Development

CCD Budgeting Guide & Template

A template for teachers and students to create their CCD project budget.
Career and Community Development

Fundraising Activity Suggestions

A compilation of ideas to raise funds for CCD projects
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