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Self Agency Critical Skill

Pilimmaksarniq: ​To be empowered and build capacity through knowledge and skills acquisition

Self Agency involves managing emotional, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual aspects of living. Students set learning, career or wellness goals and work toward them. They believe​ in one’s ability to learn (growth mindset). ​Students are reflective, resourceful and optimistic and they strive for personal excellence. They draw upon their strengths to develop interests, skills and talents and are ​aware and demonstrate agency in one’s process of learning, including perseverance, resilience, and self-regulation.


  • Identifying interests, values or skills to set learning, life or career goals
  • Exploring, selecting or adapting strategies and resources that support personal growth in life,school or career pathways
  • Making choices or taking action to promote the safety and well-being of self or others
  • Building healthy relationships to support growth and well-being of self and others
  • Demonstrating optimism, exibility or resilience when adapting to new situations and transitions

Indicators of Success

How do we know that students are learning this skill?

Choose the appropriate indicators to add to your Rubric. Students will…

  • View problems as challenges or opportunities for learning and personal growth rather than as obstacles ​(growth mindset)
  • Persevere and overcome challenges to reach a goal
  • Self-regulate in order to become a lifelong learner
  • Reflect on experiences in order to make positive changes and to enhance learning
  • Understand self and others
  • Has a positive outlook
  • Takes initiative
  • Adapt to change and shows resilience to adversity
  • Take responsibility for the processes and outcomes of learning
  • Honestly account for their own actions
  • Engage in decision-making processes at the individual, community and societal levels
  • See the importance of risk-taking and take appropriate risks
  • Value advice
  • Take responsibility for setting a course for themselves and for adjusting that course
  • Assess their own needs and translate them into obtainable goals
  • Take action from a work ethic that is defined as going well beyond what is required

Teacher Prompts

What a Coach Might Say to Encourage the development of this skill
  • If you had to accomplish this by yourself, how would you do it?
  • What skills do you have that are well suited to this task?
  • What could better motivate you?
  • Whose responsibility is it to follow through on this?
  • Why is this work important to you?
  • How could you make this into something of which you can feel truly proud?
  • What risks might you be taking if you follow through with this idea?
  • Could you describe your individual contribution to this work?
  • Excellent suggestion. How will you make it happen?
  • Is it important enough to you to take a stand?
  • Are you satisfied with the results? Are you willing to go further with this?
  • Is this your decision? Should others be involved?
  • If you had to accomplish this by yourself, how would you do it?
  • Do you need some information before you begin?
  • What are the possible places you could find information about that?
  • What can you use to help you here?
  • What could better motivate you to do this independent research?
  • What have you done like this on your own?
  • How can your work be shared with the group?
  • What are your goals here?
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