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Sales are the act of selling products and services. It is the process of turning a potential customer into a paying customer. Selling is used at every stage of a business. While sales is mostly used to sell products and services to customers, sales can be used to sell a business concept to investors, funders, and other relevant stakeholders.

Sales Chapter

Key concepts covered in this chapter include:

  • Customer Development Funnel
  • How to Get Customers
  • How to Keep Customers
  • How to Grow Customers
  • Understanding your Customer’s Psychology
  • Types of Customers (B2B, B2C)
  • Sales Process
  • Trade Shows
  • Elevator Pitch


Discover these Sales resources

1.2-2.3 Career and Community Development

Marketing Presentation

A presentation to introduce and explore the topic of marketing with students.

Workshops & Lessons

Teach about Sales in the following modules:

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