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Lesson Plan

Module 4 - Project Implementation

Students effectively implement and run their projects with the community. Students explore concepts related to marketing and sales and develop tools to communicate and build relationships with their target audience while running their projects.

In Module 4: Project Implementation, students will implement and run their community projects by utilizing their resources to achieve their goals. During this process, students will explore business concepts that help them better deliver their projects, build relationships with their audience, and grow the impact of their project.

Having a clear understanding of the project’s target audience will be central to the development of an effective implementation strategy. How will we reach our audience? How can we communicate the value of our community-based project to our audience? How can we grow our customer base? How can we use our creativity and skills to reach our audience in unique and effective ways?

By the end of Module 4, students should have applied marketing and sales techniques to effectively implement their community-based projects.


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Competencies, Skills, and Concepts

Core Competencies

  • Implements a project by utilizing resources
  • Communicates and builds relationships with target audience using marketing and sales tools.


  • Students will use project planning resources acquired and/or created to run their project
  • Students will describe customer segmentation, marketing channels and marketing techniques
  • Students will identify the profile of a target market and audience
  • Students will develop a communication strategy
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