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Lesson Plan

Module 2 - Project Ideation

Students explore the design process and develop many project ideas that benefit their community.

In Module 2: Project Ideation, students will practice the design process in a workshop and then apply it to real life; developing project ideas that improves the community. Students will go through an ideation and design process in partnership with classmates and community members to come up with many project ideas that will be pitched for development.

Students will be called to identify different types of tools they can use to create their projects. The projects should harness the student’s unique skills and incorporate local resources. Using the Impact Gaps Canvas students can refine their ideas. After ideation, students will build prototypes of their projects.


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Competencies, Skills, and Concepts


  • Ideate a community based project


  • Students will consider multiple perspectives, skills and resources to design a project
  • Students will follow a human centred design process to create an idea for a project using collaboration, communication and empathy
  • Students will present a prototype for a project using resources such as digital tools or multimedia

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