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Lesson Plan

Module 3 - Project Design

Students focus on the design of a chosen community-based project(s) that incorporate personal and collective skills and resources. Students develop a clear path of action to validate and realize their projects potential.

In Module 3: Project Design, students will further design a chosen community-based project(s) by going through a simplified planning and development process.

Using their project model canvas as a tool, students will start by validating the project of choice. Validation means students will collect data from people affected by the project to inform the mission, direction and potential of their project ideas. The validation process should lead students to discover which pieces of their initial ideas work, which do not, and how they need to modify their initial idea to fit the needs of the community.

Once their project ideas have been properly validated, students will find the necessary resources to develop the project. Students will need to make a plan of action, brand identity, and fill out a funding application form. The learning in this unit will be specific to the needs of the community-based projects being developed.

Branding will touch on the question of identity. How do you want your audience to feel when they interact with your project? How will your project express itself? What colours, images, fonts, words best describe your project? What values do you stand for? The branding section should prompt students to reflect on identity – their personal identity, cultural identity, communal identity, and organizational identities – and what motivates and drives the project.


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Competencies, Skills, and Concepts

Core Competencies

  • Develops and validates a project concept
  • Create an action plan to implement a project


  • Students will use various tools to determine the potential of a project and improve the design of a project
  • Students will create a brand identity for a project
  • Students will fundraise for a project
  • Students will make and be a part of an action plan that lists key tasks, duties and timelines


  • Validation
  • Brand
  • Project Planning

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