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Lesson Plan

Module 1 - Inspired Communities

Students explore their personal skills, build relationships with their class, and community.

The introductory module, Inspired Communities, explores personal skill sets, classroom community, Inuit innovation, community culture in partnership with Elders and other members. The goal of Module 1 is for students to connect with community and understand the tools needed to be successful while engaging in a group project as related to Inuit ingenuity and the IQ principles. This will be achieved by (1) exploring both past and modern day innovations, livelihood, successes and challenges, and (2) developing a holistic outlook on community development by exploring community from a systems thinking lens.

Students will be prompted to derive many community questions about nature, economy, personal well-being, culture, and society. This will lead them to map personal and community resources, ideals, and challenges.

Innovation will be presented and explored as both a tool and a mindset of entrepreneurship that can be used to achieve community ideals and contribute to community betterment. Entrepreneurship traits will be connected to Inuit cultural traits and IQ principles. Specifically the module will explore relationships, growth mindset, digital worlds, and express their personal brand.

By the end of the module, students should be able to identify the personal and the community strengths and innovationsthey deeply care to pursue and leverage. This will set the stage for a learning experience grounded in the community, where subsequent modules are explored through the lens a project and theme of interest.


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Competencies, Skills, and Concepts

Core Competencies

  • Observes and understands Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit principles.
  • Explores facts, knowledge, perspectives, and factors affecting a community.


  • Students will determine community ideals based on the collective good
  • Students will identify their personal strengths in the classroom community
  • Students will communicate what they understand about IQ using digital technology
  • Students will develop a sense of belonging
  • Students will develop empathy for and justifies multiple perspectives in the classroom community
  • Students will reflect upon different identities: personal identity, cultural identity, community identity, & organizational identities


  • Digital Technology
  • Identity & Community
  • Growth Mindset

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