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Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Creative Thinking Critical Skills

Qanuqtuurunnarniq: ​To be resourceful and seek solutions through creativity, adaptability, and flexibility

Pijitsirniq: ​To contribute to the common good through serving and leadership

Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Creative Thinking involves generating and applying ideas to create something of value. Students recognize opportunities to apply ideas in new ways. They are open to and play with ideas, take risks and adapt to changing conditions. Students demonstrate optimism, initiative and ingenuity. Entrepreneurial mindsets and skills involve a focus on building and scaling an idea sustainably.


  • Recognizing opportunities and imagining possibilities to apply ideas in new ways
  • Exploring or playing with ideas, materials or processes to create something new
  • Evaluating and adapting ideas, materials or processes in response to feedback or emerging conditions
  • Demonstrating initiative, resourcefulness and perseverance when transforming ideas into actions, products or services

Indicators of Success

How do we know that students are learning this skill?

Choose the appropriate indicators to add to your Rubric. Students will…

  • Contribute solutions to complex problems
  • Enhance a concept, idea, or product
  • Take risks in thinking and creating
  • Make discoveries through inquiry and research
  • Pursue new ideas to meet a need of a community
  • Lead and motivate with an ethical entrepreneurial spirit
  • Recognize conformist, conventional, in-the-box thinking and seeking
  • Find alternatives
  • Synthesize old ideas into unique or fresh approaches
  • Integrate seemingly unrelated ideas
  • Dream about the possible

Teacher Prompts

What a Coach Might Say to Encourage the development of this skill
  • Is there a new way of solving the same problem?
  • What is the other side of this question?
  • Given these conditions, what are some designs that might be applicable?
  • Can you think of a different approach?
  • Why do you think that?
  • How do you suppose he would react to that idea?
  • What would have happened if you had done what you considered doing?
  • How would you be able to recognize that in another setting?
  • How would you develop that at home? in another country?
  • How many solutions/ideas can we brainstorm?
  • What is a wild, unconventional, but workable approach to this problem?
  • What was an idea you were afraid to try? Why?
  • Did anything pop into your head that seemed totally unrelated?
  • Which of these ideas could be combined to achieve a solution?
  • What is the most creative thing you have done so far? How did it happen?
  • If you could come up with a solution with no limiting factors, what would that be?
  • What if you looked at this from a totally different perspective?
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