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Collaboration Critical Skill

Aajiiqatigiinniq: ​To cooperate, develop shared understanding to arrive at decisions through consensus

Piliriqatigiinniq: To develop a collaborative relationship and work together for the common good

Collaboration involves the interplay of the cognitive, interpersonal, and intrapersonal competencies necessary to participate effectively and ethically in teams to achieve a common goal. Students participate, exchange ideas and share responsibilities. Skills are applied across diverse situations, roles, groups, and perspectives in order to co-construct knowledge, meaning, and content, and learn from, and with, others in physical and virtual environments. Students respect alternate views and nurture positive relationships. Students are adaptable, willing to compromise and value the contributions of others.


  • Sharing responsibilities and supporting others to achieve a common goal.
  • Demonstrating sensitivity to diverse cultures, audiences or contexts when working with others.
  • Exhibiting reciprocity and trust when sharing ideas or roles
  • Valuing flexibility, compromise and the contributions of others to nurture positive working relationships

Indicators of Success

How do we know that students are learning this skill?

Choose the appropriate indicators to add to your Rubric. Students will…

  • Participate in teams; establish positive relationships
  • Learn from, and contribute to, the learning of others
  • Co-construct knowledge, meaning, and content
  • Assume various roles on the team
  • Manage conflict
  • Network with a variety of communities/groups
  • Respect a diversity of perspectives
  • Value collaboration
  • See conflict of issues and ideas as an essential aspect of collaboration
  • Contribute to and invest in a group vision
  • Further themselves and others in pursuit of common goals
  • Value, build on and maximize ideas, abilities and perspectives of others
  • Keep personal agendas in perspective
  • Resolve conflict by seeking new or common ground

Teacher Prompts

What a Coach Might Say to Encourage the development of this skill
  • How can we put our heads together to begin work?
  • How will decisions be made within the group?
  • What are some ways of structuring the group for this work?
  • Can anyone in your group answer your question?
  • How can we hear from everyone in the group?
  • If you had a problem person in your group, how would you deal with him/her?
  • How are we as a group?
  • What have we produced as a group? How could we do it better?
  • What skills are there in your group from which you can draw?
  • Have you been clear in your thoughts, actions, and feelings with your group?

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